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    Justin W


    A new Allegro version is out that fixes a lot of stuff. I really recommend getting it, as it is the best version I've seen in a while. You can get an installer for it for Dev-C++, MSVC, or Borland at my page

    My package use to only support Dev-C++ 4.x, but now it supports 5 too. In fact, you'll have to change the templates around a bit to support 4.x's Allegro templates... If you want 4.x templates, I would be happy to e-mail them to anyone who asks.

    You can also get the source code distro from Allegro's hompage:

    Hope that helps those of you who use Allegro out there!

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    Rambling Man
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    You don't know how many people I've given the link to for your website so that they could get your Allegro installer. Nice to see you got around to doing it for the latest version, though.

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    Justin W


    Thanks a million, that really does make any effort worth it. BTW, I've now add Dev-C++ 4.x templates to the site as well should they be necessary.

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    Justin W

    For those of you who did download my binary distro either earlier today or yesterday, there was a problem in the directory structure of the zips.. specifically in the include directory.

    It shouldn't effect you if you are upgrading your version of Allegro, but if you downloaded my bin version for a clean install, go to my site to get the patch. The fix has been applied to all the other zips as well and I think I've tested everything as well as I can. Shouldn't be any more problems.

    I am very embarrassed by this glitch and apologize to anyone who may have had trouble with it.

    Also if anyone has downloaded one, you'll notice that I changed it from an .exe to a zip because some people prefer expanding a zip to running an exe. You just have to expand it in your base compiler directory (ie C:\Dev-C++ for Dev-C++).

    I really appreciate the support I've gotten for this project as it really has taken quite a bit of time to get it working for all those compilers.. especially the first time. Again, sorry for the bug.

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