Thread: Dealing with directx units

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    Dealing with directx units

    Alright well here i am again....

    I am just playing around with some 3d stuff using
    the sdk library files.
    And the book i am using states units when dealing with
    directx. I am using 3d max studio for modeling
    where i have many choices of unit size
    pixels, inches, generic ect.

    but i was wondering when creating polygons using
    directx what are the units based on, or how do they compare

    not sure if this sounds stupid or makes any sense
    any help would be appreciated

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    The units are completly subjective. The actual size of any dimension requires completly on how you have the camera setup, so 1 could be a pixel, or a meter. As far as what is use popularly, a meter seems to be common.

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    well if that is the case....

    say i import a mesh.. and this mesh is town
    then i import a character mesh and i wish to orient
    this character mesh and one end of the town

    to do this i have to enter in the location using directx
    units... but i can't get it exact because i don't know what the
    units are equavilent to...

    i made the town in 3d max studio and the units are in feet
    according to 3d max...

    any help is once again appreciated...

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