Thread: A Game I Would Love to see...

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    A Game I Would Love to see...

    It would be so awesome if someone made a Pokemon clone. Regardless of the kiddish feel of the game, Pokemon is an awesome game. I really like the way the battle system is implemented. All in all, Pokemon kicks ass! Maybe I might eventually decide to take that on as a project (wouldn't be for a while though...)

    But to bring me to my ultimate question... What type of battle system would you like to see in an RPG? The type of attributes a character should have, the way the battles are calculated, the results of an attack, etc...

    Btw, this thread is what sparked my interest on this topic.

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    its a total rip off of the final fantasy legend (for the original GB)battle system.

    its a beautiful battle system.

    (edti) actually it may be the same system
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