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    My dream game!

    Im bored so i thought id post a topic describing my dream game. I have no idea how to make games but if i did this is what would be like.

    It would take place in my home town Baltimore, MD and it would be Very realistic. The scenery would look identical to Baltimore so that i knew my way arround the board.

    The game would be an online game so that anyone could live in any house they wanted. First come first serve. and then Buisness owners could hire people to do work for them(The buisness owners could be played by real people to). Then each person could play the game as if it were real life. You could goto school and meet new friends. Through paper plains at the teacher head. you could go to the avenue and pick up some prostitutes then Kill their pimp and not pay the slu*... You could start your own gang and sell drugs.

    And if you ever had an idea that the game doesnt include you could pay the game maker a small amount of cash for them to add it in the next release

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    Isn't that kind of like GTA? At least they sound similar, except your game sounds more like life and not like a game lol.

    My dream, which I WILL BE starting to create within 1-2 years, is to make a Civ2 clone. The only difference between my game is that I'm going to try to improve on a few things and make a few changes here and there while adding a few new features. This may not sound all that realistic, either, but I plan on starting on this game before I finish high school (May 2004) and to work on the game all throughout college. Then again this is my aspiration now and who's to say I'm still going to want to do this in a couple of years...

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    Since were on the subject...
    MY dream game would be a super cool side-scrolling Mario Bros. type clone. Only the main character would be Bob, and he would have super-human powers and could defeat all sorts of different bad guys and collect coins and stuff to improve the players stats. I actually drew endless pages and pages in complete detail of the different levels when I was younger and I still have most of them. It has all the different kinds of bad guys and diffrent things you can collect and how the whole level would be set up. It kinda looks really cool ...oh, one day I hope I will be able to make my dream into a real game!

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