Thread: Xtreme Fight 1.0 is not quite ready...

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    Arrow Xtreme Fight 1.0 is not quite ready...

    But in the meantime, here's a brand new test version of it. Please, I really want to hear your opinions on it, and how the final version can be improved before I release it. Thanks!

    BTW, there is a new mode, called "Battle mode". Right before you think you are going to die on the next attack, type 'r' to run away, or else you won't get any points - that's how you play it. Also, could everyone plz post there highest score as well? (I'm curious).

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    Pretty neat! It's of the better of most text-based "battle" games

    Expand and improve upon it... or, move on to something else, whichever

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    I agree that is one of the better text-based battle games I've seen. Not too shabby. And also like, BMJ, said keep up the good work...

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    neat. but in the Bob's Lost mini game, there is a typo, i hit m, and it said:
    You have entered something wrong.
    Do you want to continue plaing bob's lost?

    Plaing should be playing.
    But it's a cool thing. Could i see some of the code (not the whole thing, so you won't think im stealing it ) i just wanna see how that is done.
    This war, like the next war, is a war to end war.

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    ^It's supposed to say that. If you want to keep playing, just enter 'n'. I should of just made the user enter 'e' to exit, but I just made it so that to exit the mini game you have to type in something wrong, that's all.

    To make it all I did was make a whole bunch of functions, its pretty simple, really. There's probably a better and more effiecent way of doing it, but I just did it like this:

    void ForestSE (void)
    cout<<"You moved "<<way<<".";
    cout<<" You are standing in the forest\n";
    if (input == '8')
    {strcpy(way, "north");
    if (input == '4')
    {strcpy(way, "west");
    if (input == '6')
    {cout<<"A fence is blocking you from going that way "<<flush;
    if (input == '2')
    {cout<<"A fence is blocking you from going that way "<<flush;
    {use8 = 5;
    And please keep those feedback comments coming, I want to know how I can improve it!! Thanks!!
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