Thread: Please review algorithm for filling in quads

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    Please review algorithm for filling in quads

    I am trying to create a function that can calculate the triangle coordinates that must be used in order to fill in a quad on a plane. I have it already type out and I am using the function but it obviously doesn't work (Jagged protruding shapes form around my little spaceship and they extend twice the distance of the entire model, its weird).

    I didn't want to post the source because it is confusing, I just want to review the steps I took to make sure I have the correct idea. As a side note I already spoke with a math teacher but I cannot go back to him at this time

    -Read coordinates from file
    -Divides each coordinate by ScaleSize, store in float[3] array
    -Finds which vector is longest (this is hypotenuse)
    -Find midpoint of hypotenuse
    -Find length from midpoint of hypotenuse to other the coordinate in the triangle, store in scalarvalue
    -multiply this by 2
    -subtract scalarvalue from other vertex to get last coordinate of triangle

    for example:
    if AB is the longest, find the midpoint of a to b, find the length from midpoint[ab] to c, find the length of the vector that goes from midpoint[ab] to c. multiply that length by 2 to get vertex c in the mirror triangle. verticies a and b will be the same in both triangles.

    I hope that made sense, please ask me questions if you have no clue what i am talking about and i will try to explain myself a little bit better.

    -Thanks if you can help me

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