Thread: Game Design Topic #2 - Keyboard or Mouse?

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    Game Design Topic #2 - Keyboard or Mouse?

    Game Design Topic #2
    Keyboard or Mouse?

    When you're playing a computer game what do you like to use more, the keyboard or the mouse? I don't really care for using the mouse too much, but in certain cases it's much better. I think the best is to actually try to implement so where you can use both. You can use the mouse if you like it more, but hotkeys and such are still available to you to make life a lot easier. I think a game without any keyboard functionality would be terrible. The only problem with including both is that it adds a little bit of extra work. For puzzle games, certain shooting games, adventure games, and games like that it's ok to not have any mouse functionality. But games like rts, tbs, some shootign games, and simulation games (maybe some others too, IDK) you really need to be able to use the mouse.

    Alright, tell me what you like to use more, the mouse or the keyboard when playing games. And when and why you like to use the mouse or keyboard more. Oh yeah that reminds me, I like the keyboard more overall, because it's a lot more relaxing for my hands than the mouse.

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    For 2d games the keyboard, but I could not imagine playing Unreal without using both. As far as ingame menus and such, I prefer using the keyboard than moving the mouse around.

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    Support for both is definately nice
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    depends mostly on the game type, i like to use mouse for 3d rpgs and such, but i like to use keyboard for racing games, 2d rpgs, side scrollers etc. but i prefer keyboard in general.
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    Most hot games whether they are 3d fps or 'overhead cam' strategy games require both keyboard and mouse, wouldn't you agree?? Of course they also allow for the user to choose strictly keyboard, but strictly mouse isn't an option (I don't think so anyways).

    If you are making your own game that doesn't have many menus keyboard is probably just fine (I'm trying to make my own game but it sucks).

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