Thread: what's the best compiler out there?

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    I never finished that, did not know enough back then, maybe I do now. I work everyday and do not have alot of time, but I am gonna try to start that back up.

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    Originally posted by Troll_King
    I find that the best compiler is gcc for Linux.
    Yes, and the best IDE is vim, and the best toolkit is SDL.
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    I'm not going to be the first to point this out but there is no better compiler.
    Wrong. Some compilers _ARE_ better than others. Not only based on how they are build, but how closely they follow industry standards and or industry accepted practices, where standards vary.

    Furthermore, what really makes a compiler shine is WHAT YOU GET WITH IT. A compiler is just a cruncher to turn C grammar into binary code. The other tools however, are what allow you to do your job easier and more effectively-- as well as learn.

    You want a compiler that gives you these things:

    Display Preprocess Pass
    Symbol Table
    Link Table
    Step by Step Debugger
    Code Profiler
    SourceCode for the libraries
    Good IDE
    Front-End & Back-End Support
    Cross-Platform Compilation
    Inline Assembler
    and more
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    You can get any compiler/IDE you want off of IRC...(or so I have heard ).

    I highly recommend VC++ if you are running windows.
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