Thread: Is Allegro + DJGPP a no-no?

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    Lightbulb Is Allegro + DJGPP a no-no?

    A month ago I bought "Sam's Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours." I didn't care about learning in 24 hours flat. I needed a reference book. I found the DJGPP compilerer in the back on CD. I loaded it and I thought everything was O.K. until I looked on this forum, and wanted to compile some one's source. When I saw the source code i noticed a line... #include <graphics.h> and #include <windows.h>. When I compiled it, DJGPP said no such directory had been found. I came to this site for help, and when I saw Allegro I said to myself "Hey I have that." I went crazy trying to tell my compilerer to look in the allegro folder. At one point I created a new blank and typed in...
    "Work you stupid compilier, All I want is <graphics.h> IS THAT SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND OR SHOULD I PUT A SEMICOLON AFTER IT? \N";

    So now I come to you fair reader, for it is up to you, can anyone help?

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    its because i compile in Visual C++ (Microsofts).

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    DJGPP is for DOS, it would not make sense to include windows.h. Allegro, graphics.h? Try allegro.h.

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    This is all I have to say---

    hint hint use DevC++ (4.01) instead...

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    Look at "DJGPP" and "Allegro" tutorials...

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