Thread: OpenGl 2D Tiling problem

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    OpenGl 2D Tiling problem


    I am trying to make a basic tile scrolling program but am having problems implementing the culling of tiles which are not draw on the screen.

    At the moment i have smooth movement to the right, but it seems to be jerky going to the left. Also i lose my very first and very last tile because i have overlapped the tiles to draw some offscreen. IE if 12 tiles fit across the screen i have 14 drawn for my scrolling.

    I am unsure off where to go from here. If anyone can suggest methods or something i could do different to cull my tiles that are offscreen i would greatly appreciate it!

    I have included my source code to show you how i am doing it, plus an executable to demonstrate the jerkiness when i move the tiles left with the left arrow key.


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    Well, I remembered answering somebody's question about tile scrolling collision a while back and here is what I found. The code is specifically for someone who is using Allegro, but you should still be able to get the information you need out of it. Hope that helps you out.

    Btw, I didn't look at your source, so I have no idea exactly what you're doing (I don't have enough time, sorry)

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