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    Wink Where to start game development

    Hi, My name is jude and i thought i should introduce myself. I am having a problem wit starting game development for example I
    would like to learn how to makea tictactoe game surely it cant be that hard to make and would be a good beginner game to start out wit right? if thats the case then how come there are no tutorials on how to even get started. Ive tryed most of the search engines and ive came across opengl programin which i think is to advance for me at this present time. If you know of any game programming site which could help me on my way of makin my tictactoe game i would be thankfull<pardon all grammar mistakes>thx you for your help i look forward to your repiles.

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    There are various incarnations of tic-tac-toe on this site, where people have posted their code for homework help.

    What are you having trouble doing? Can you program in C/C++ already, or do you need that help too?
    When all else fails, read the instructions.
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    Yea i can but i consider myself a intermediate

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    Mmhh. Another *bunny. Very interesting. At least this one seems polite, thus worthy of help.
    How complicated of a game would you like to make? Do you want it to have A.I. or just be a two player version?
    Even if you plan to make this a graphical game, the best way to start is by making it text based. The core of a game like this is the more important thing.
    You said you're not sure where to start but I'll bet you have some ideas (you'll need to represent the board somehow, get input, process the input, check for a win, etc).
    First layout the game logically on paper (make a flow chart). Then, let us know what you've tried (and what hasn't worked for you) and we'll help you from there.

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    Once you have a basic understanding of C++, games like tic-tac-toe are fairly easy to acomplish. You just have to "think". What do you want the program to do, and how you want the program to do it.

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