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    .obj files?

    ok so from what i have been seeing in other peoples programs .obj are things in the games like the enemy ships or the power ups or anything else you interact with. my question is where can i find a tutorial on how to make them and am i right in my assumption?
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    They are object files. When you compile your code your cpp's and c's are made into object files which are then linked together to form an executable. If you have someone else's obj file you can add it to your project and call functions inside that obj file but you cannot see the actual code so you would need a header file or already know the defined functions. If you were going to do this however I would just make a static library (*.lib)

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    You mean 3D models...? If that's the case then I recommend that you check out Milkshape 3D for creating models or Turbo Squid for downloading some free ones.

    p.s.: Wavefront .OBJ files are a 3d model format created by Alias Wavefront for use in various 3d modeling programs such as Maya or Softimage(both created by Alias Wavefront)


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    Shoot, I wasn't even thinking that was what he meant.
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