Dear Participants of this informative board:

It has come to my attention that currently there are not that many new ideas in the gaming industry. Before you denounce my previous remark please attempt to understand how my perception is provoked in this manner. The newest game that had a lot of planing and original ideas with decent gameplay, was Black and White. Black and White was a wonderful game considering the creativity put into it. I feel that it was the best lately in the area of creativity. However that was the only game I believe comendable, yes various other games have consumed a vast measure of time and effort but none express the freeness of ones mind that should be there. Therefore my proposal is that several young minds, mine included, should join in a partnership in this wild endeavour. All interested please email me at We need to plan and create a game that breaks through the veil of lesser creativity and revolutionizes the gaming industry. The participants that would be most required are those who have at least 5 years in experience with programming or the equivalent in skill and whom have a strong interest in designing a very impressive game.

Thanks you for you inquiry.
that crazy guy