Thread: How do I put graphics in my games?

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    How do I put graphics in my games?

    What's the best tool to put some graphics in my game? And pelase don't mention fastGraph and DirectX, for some reaosn they don't work.

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    Trust me; They work just fine. I could be wrong here but I'd assume it would be your implementation of it that doesnt work.

    Try DirectX. Try some tutorials on it.
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    You could also try allegro.
    I found that was the easiest one to get up and runing, and its not hard to learn (Check their docs for info on how to install.)
    Loomsoft (Good for newbies!)
    Pixelate (Some nice tutorials etc.)
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    more than likey, lightatdawn's right but,

    OpenGL!!! OpenGL!!!!

    if you don't like Direct-X give opengl a try.
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    Contrary to your belief, like lightatdawn said, DirectX does work fine. However it's a little hard to learn for a first API. I personally don't like it.

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    Easiest way is to get someone to do it for you

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    lol I agree with Kirdra But heck, if you're doing Windows you might as well give Windows GDI a shot. Runs slow as heck, but it works. Easier to use than DirectX, imho.
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    I like Allegro myself

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