Thread: First Windows game, FINALLY DONE!

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    Thats good randomising is fairly easy to put in. In case you're interested, this is what I know about generating random numbers:

    use this to seed the random number generator at the beginning of the program
    #include <time.h>

    Or if you are making a Windows app, you can use

    use this to get just any random number

    To get a random number from "start" to "end", do this:
    int start = 5;
    int end = 10;
    int randomNumber = (rand() % (end - start + 1)) + start;

    To make it easier, make a macro:
    #define RANDOM(start,end) ((rand() % ((end) - (start) + 1)) + (start))
    Hope it helps
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    Yea thanks, I am using a lot of random numbers for rare items and Enemy/Player attack damage. I've got the random thing worked out now. That clears it up at bit.

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