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    allegro sound initialisation

    can anyone give me an example of how to set up sounds in allegro to play a midi file, i've been trying for about an hour now.



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    Did you read the manual? Check out the 'Sound init routines' and 'MIDI music routines' section.

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    I normally wouldn't do this, but, I'm in a good mood.
    /* Set up the sound to use digital SFX autodetected, MIDI autodetected, and the 0 is just for compatablilty issues. */
    /* Play sound effect, first argument is the sound file to play, and the second determines if it is looping */
     PlaySound(SOUND_EFFECT, false);
    /* Play MIDI, first argument is the MIDI file to play, and second detemines if it loops */
     PlayMIDI(MIDI_MUSIC, true);

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