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    allegro output

    How can i output an integer variable to the screen, textout only allows strings.


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    I'm not sure if there are any functions in allegro to output integers and whatnot, but the most logical thing to do at this step would be convert the integers to a string and print them out...

    char pszFinalString[30];
    char pcszText[] = "A number: ";
    int iNumber = 10;

    sprintf(pszFinalString, "%s%d", pcszText, iNumber);
    printf("%s\n", pszFinalString);

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    I think they should've documented this in the manual

    textprintf() will do it.

    replace the ? with

    i - integer
    g - integer
    f- float
    c - char
    s - string

    and all the other ones printf uses.

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    char prinstr[50];
    sprintf(printstr, variable);
    textout(buffer, font, printstr, 550, 340, makecol(100, 100, 100)); 
    //notice i drew the text to a buffer and not the screen!
    //the color of 100,100,100 is a goes R(red)G(green)B(blue)...

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