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    header stuff getting on nerves

    Why all the sudden am i getting tons of errors? Before i started writing my figiting engone, it was relatively simple to root out bugs in my code. Now, since i am declaring the classes in dofferent header files, i get errors saying:

    34 scenario.h
    `creature' was not declared in this scope
    34 scenario.h
    variable or field `setEnter' declared void


    73 scenario.h
    no `void map::setEnter(...)' member function declared in class `map'

    when it is?

    Has anyone else seen this kind of thing happen? i can't seem to make it get any better no matter what i am doing.
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    I think you might need to delcare certain things as external ...

    such as if you have an integer in scenarioh.h that you might want to be using in main.h (ficticious name) you would declare it as external

    here's what'd you do for scenario.h

    int name;
    now for main.h

    #include "scenario.h"
    external int name;
    This sounds like the problem you having.

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    i can't really say with out some code...

    you might try the C++ forums, you'll probably get a faster/better answer.
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