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Thread: Trebuchet Update (v1.2.0)

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    Trebuchet Update (v1.2.0)

    Hey guys! I have released my new version of Tribuchet. The amulets are being placed, and twice as many rooms (and then some) are available. There is also less need of the escape mechanism ('!' key) as all rooms are open, unless you jump off the walls. (leave the array, generates an array out of bounds exception and kills the program) You get a better effect if you immediately backtrack if you walk into an unprogrammed room, as you can easily get lost in a 15 x 15 grid. I am still available for comments and suggestions, as i am only like 38% finished.

    I am still not releasing the map, but the 39k zip includes the exe and the Read Me. Thanks!

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    Refugee face_master's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    I was walking around, pressing N, S, W, E, etc... and nothing really happened. It just kept spewing out story lines untill it got to a point where had no options. Whats with that?

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    Registered User fry's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    Looks nice so far. Keep working
    i would like to see the source code for it sometime, if that were possible

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    The fighting engine is still a work in progress. If you read the ReadMe, you would have known this. The main purpose of this demo was to get storyline suggestions, and let people comment on how the storyline fit together. Also, i wanted to know if the room descriptions were detailed enough to keep the attention of the user. I also am sorry that i haven't gotten the fighting engine done, that is going to come soon.
    GCC on Red Hat 8.1 (Primary)
    GCC on Mac OS X 10.2.4 (Secondary)

    MinGW on XP

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    there is some places you can walk out of bounds, I think that is what he was talking about. And if you do it enough it'll say your class and then crash.

    Plus you got the key reading too fast. You have to tap the keys really fast so you'll only move one room. You need to make like a little delay when you enter a room or something.

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    i havent had that problem
    nor have any of my other beta testers...
    maybe ur comp is just too fast
    i can press and hold, and it doesn't go more than one room.
    what os are you on?
    GCC on Red Hat 8.1 (Primary)
    GCC on Mac OS X 10.2.4 (Secondary)

    MinGW on XP

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