Thread: bitmaps with allegro

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    bitmaps with allegro

    i've just started using allegro to design games.

    how can i load a bitmap from memory and display it on screen?

    i've tried nothing and i'm all out of ideas.

    Thanks guys.

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    like this

    BITMAP *pic;
    pic=load_bitmap("picture.bmp", null);
    I think I may have made a syntax error or sumthing but I think thats rite.

    to display it you use

    blit(pic, screen, 0, 0, 0, 0, 640, 480);

    you can find a good tutorial on all this at


    oh and if u search on google you will find many more tutorials.
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    for the most part all you are going to need are the allegro docs; there in your allegro folder. also, here is the link to the main allegro site.

    doc9 will have information about loading bitmaps and doc13 will have information about displaying bitmaps.

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