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    Cool My very cool game idea

    Ok so I tried to make a game like this myself, but being an inexperienced programmer that I am, it turned into garbage. But, i have a really cool text-based game idea. What if (forgive me if there is one already) a text-based game like Grand theft auto or State of emergency? Im not really into RPG's so i would say forget the "press 1 if you want to attack" crap and get to the fun its just pure fun action. Like all you do is type where you want to go (right, left, etc) and then type want weapon you want to use (gun, grenade launcher, etc) and you could blow up buildings, and do WHATEVER YOU WANTED. of course, it would take a lot of planning to come up with all the different things the player could do. I would say it should take place in a city...of course, the whole map probably would have to be very small considering all the differnet things that the user could do. And he would have like tasks like 'help the poor man' and you would have to rob the local bank, buy food at the groccery store, and give it to the poor man, then that would lead on a chain of events and other tasks that you have to complete as you progress. It would probably be alot easier to make with full graphics, but it also would be kinda cool to see it text-based. And like i said, there should be more action then text that gets displayed on the screen. Usually in an text based rpg the user does one thing and then a whole page of story displays...blah blah blah, but with this it would be totally different and alot more fun and INTERACTIVE. Do you at least understand a little about what im talking about?

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    you COULD make one that would be enjoyable text based, don't get me wrong. But I think that GTA style games, need graphics. That's what makes it fun, you get to see what you have done.

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