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    i tried to download directx 8 sdk from microsoft but it is 180 MB and it would take me about a week to download it with my slow modem, where can i get it from on disc, does it come with any applications?


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    I believe you can order it from Microsoft....

    But if you don't want to do that, I also believe that there are some books that include it on the companion disc. I cannot tell you exactly which ones have the DX8 SDK on them, but I know that 3D Game Programming in C++ (which is all about D3D) has DX7 with it... so, just look around in a bookstore.... or order it

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    if you get it ordered they charge you a bit. I would wait until DX9 comes out (sometime late summer / early fall of this year), then order that.

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    i tried to order it but couldn't find a way with microsoft, anyone got a url.

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