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    Hi everyone,

    I'm about to have interviews for my placement year at University, 3 of them are games development with c++, i know c++ (console applications) and some winapi, (just got petzold last week) but nothing about games development.

    I need a couple of good books to get me started and teach me how to write a couple of simple games. i assume i'm supposed to learn Directx and openGL.

    can you reccomend some books?
    is there anything else i need to get started?

    I have only Microsoft visual studio.

    Thanks guys.

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    ansi/iso c++ professional programmers handbook (the best... =)
    design patterns for games on
    game architecture and design
    open gl specifications/documents
    dirctx SDK (all you'll ever need for dx programming)

    for newbees maybe Tricks of the windows game programming guru...

    cant think of any other book rigtht now... anything on AI is good though...

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    allegro is a nice api to get started on. then move on to sdl... then maybe dx.

    ninebit: whered you get that cool lookin guy for your avatar? haha

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