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    3d Rpg

    This is my first venture into this field so I gotta get some advice.

    First of all I am still learning C++ and OpenGL.

    1. I want to know whether I need a modeler like 3dsMax or Bryce to create my characters and enviroment or can I survive using OpenGL.

    2. I also wanna know whether anyone has tried this before and if u have, were u successful.

    3. any engines i should look at.

    4. any thing to do with sound that looks interesting? I'm lacking in the music department for my game.

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    well, I won't be the downer that tells you to program boring things before you program something a little more complicated, because I personally won't take that advice myself...I'm working on a 3D engine. Of course, I've programmed in other languages too. But anyway, I would suggest that you get a strong foundation in trig and the math needed for the 3D aspect of the game, and code the 3D engine first. If you can't get the engine working flawlessly, there is no point in trying to do a whole game, it's a lot more complicated. So...engine first. Then at least you'll have something to work with when you start the gameplay aspects.

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    you could prolly just use someone elses engine for now it you don't think you can handle making your own. I really dunno anything about your other questions though
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    1. a modeler is a very good idea ... somebody else that specializes in the models is also a good idea
    2. no and no and i probably wont try for a couple of decades
    3. as many as you can
    4. get some composers and what not to help

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