Thread: What is SDK?

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    What is SDK?


    I don't know what exacly SDK is. I mean i know it means Software Development Kit and it is used for Software development, but, ...
    but can someone explain how it is build, how it works, why is SDK good? A short example would be nice.

    see ya!

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    A SDK (Software Development Kit) would be a package that comes with all the necessary components to develop software. I know of a few examples, but i don't know where they are anymore. One is the Java SDK that comes with all the libraries, help for them and the software needed to program and debug the java, along with some other things that might make things easier. There is also a C++ 3D Game SDK somewhere (i have long since forgotten where i saw it) that came with a 3D modeler, a compiler, a linker, a somewhat good IDB, the libraries it needed, documentation, examples, and a few other things that would probaly help a 3D game designer.

    An SDK is helpful because there is no need to go out and hunt for components that are compatible or that fullful each other's needs, it all comes in a handy package for easy installation.

    Hope this helped!
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    Help me a lot


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    thanks for explanation!

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