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    Those are some really nice looking graphics, chaser. Good job.


    FF, that is considered a very poor way to do side scrolling. You shouldn't store a bitmap of 1800x1800 in memory at any time. This may be a simple way to do it, but by no means is it efficient. What you should do is load information (not the actual bitmap) into an array. Then when you side scroll you would take the needed information from the array and display it as a bitmap to the screen. This saves so much memory and space, not to mention that it is much more time efficient.

    Sorry, if I misunderstood what you are trying to say. And if you'd like further information go ask some of the people down at because I'm only relaying a lof of information I've read from people down there that are very experienced.

    Btw, the reason you are getting such a low FPS is because of your method. The method I use gives me over 30+ FPS, and I too am using a 4mb video card.

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    Fenix Blade would be cool if the characters weren't so... meh.

    He uses too much language and what seems like inside material. It ends up making the characters seem lifeless. It's got an amazing engine and spectacular graphics, though.

    I was making a simple 2D RPG but I stopped and decided to learn more programming first. When I stopped all I had done was a basic map engine, no orig. gfx or anything. Here's a screen:

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    Yeah, he does put too much into the characters, but the engine and graphics are nice.

    [edit]How the characters are so emotional reminds me of Final Fantasy VIII, BTW I did not like that on....[/edit]
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    Cool Hey all

    Alvarian Tales Book II isn't going to be finished terribly soon since I'm big into two other hobbies right now - programming in C++ and mixing music. ATII is made in QuickBasic and is experiencing some problems because of the limited language/compiler/etc.

    I really hope to someday release the game in C++, but that seems like a dream right now. I tend to make my dreams come true sometimes, but only time will tell!

    Thanks for your interest everyone.

    For those who are wondering, Alvarian Tales Book I is a novel sort of story, not an interactive game yet. In essence the storyline for Book I is done but a game was never made. ATII is Alvarian Tales Book II, which is a very progresses RPG experiencing various problems like I mentioned. Someday (another dream) I may write the game for book I.

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    I'm creating one on my TI-83+, lol. It takes forever to draw circles and crap for the levels, and i've only got 3 screens/levels done so far. The character is a simple square, but other people aren't, and I stored some pics of what the character really looks like, that way I can mend other pictures of bosses, other characters, etc., onto that screen, and make them talk there. I've got the battle engine done, but lack all of the magic spells so far. It's a wait system, and due to a lack of variables, i've only been able to implement 2 characters to fight at a time (there's only a variable for each letter in the alphabet...WTF?!). I've got a good idea on what the story will be about, and have already been inputting text.
    Sorry, but i'm not creative enough to think of a good name yet...
    It's kinda hard to complete a project solo...

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    you misunderstood me on that. The whole map isn't stored in a 1800x1800 pixel bitmap. Only the on-screen stuff is stored, and when a tile is viewed on screen, it gets stored. The bitmap the map is stored on is 880x680, that way the partially shown tiles can be stored securely.

    And dude, you have never seen my computer. I get the lowest framerates on EVERYTHING. If you remember my shooter demo I made a while back, I was only getting 10 FPS, where other people with slower computers got 30. On a game I play called Era Online, I get 10 FPS, where people with crappier computers than mine get 35 FPS. This dude with a TNT2 card and a 355MHz PIII got 22 FPS, and I got a 4MB card with 500MHz! The main reason is I got a crappy on-board SiS card with their own crappy chipset. Most games won't even work right in hardware accellerated mode, and the one that do work in hardware acceleration get lower FPS than when I use software. If I use hardware on this game I get 8FPS! When I choose software I get 19.

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