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    New to this place

    Seems pretty busy?

    Well anyhow I'm new to C++ and I've been working on a little text game to keep help me in a practical way. The basic syntax is easy to understand and I'm sure I'll remember it all by heart within a short time.

    I've been programming in microsoft quickbasic for 5 years or so, a little more maybe. I decided to switch over to the c++ language because my RPG was getting much too large for the language to handle without error upon error - things that weren't my problem as the coder.

    My hopes are that someday I'll be able to release the game using c++, but of course as one learns a new language he is apt to make different, perhaps better decisions in his choice of coding and everything. Well, new things are opened up to me now that I'm learning OOP and pointers (haven't started on those yet), as well as classes and a whole lot of other mess I hope to be able to learn.

    Howdy to all of ya. I hope to be using this board more as long as it's busy enough.

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    Welcome aboard chaser!
    I haven't been around here much lately because I'm terribly busy with other stuff, but if I'll be able to, I will help you to move along.

    Good luck with your game!

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    Welcome, good luck with your game. I am sure you will soon find and appreciate all the advantages C++ has over QB. BTW, I like C better.

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