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    Question Idea's for game

    I am just another newbie c++ programmer hanging around here, hoping to learn something. So I thought, let's fool around a little with tic-tac-toe. I found a code on the forum, and edited it, till the bugs were out, and the game was working optimal. Now I am wondering, what kind of game would be nice for me to create next?

    (Something similair to tic-tac-toe)

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    You could do connect 4, mastermind, or bagles. You can make consol games real time also like say zzt at

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    Nibbles!!! (the snake game)

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    Thanks guys, ill see what I can do. (The mastermind sounded best of the idea's given

    But maybe I will make the tictactoe a little better first..

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    hey uhh

    I have a VERY nice pong tutorial. I have noooooooo clue where I got it from though. It shows you how to create pong step by step. The person uses make files to compile though ( several files ). It compiles juuuust fine with GCC. There are like 7 major steps in it ( graphics, input, the engine, etc ). All the source code is there with tutorials and it's ready to be compiled the minute you download it.

    Im just looking at it so i can see how to display a picture in dos lol.....I can load any image i want, so far. But, actually implimenting that into my own programs from, not that far. It uses GCC to comile ( DJGPP ) and allegro for the graphics.

    If someone wants this, let me know.
    OR, if someone wants to give some advice on displaying an glad to know. I'd prefer a "good" tutorial over answers though, so I can learn from scratch. If someone has some code for me to check out though, why not....
    The world is waiting. I must leave you now.

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    hey could you send the tutorial to thanks

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