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    have you tried initializing SDL with no parachute

    pass the SDL_INIT_NOPARACHUTE flag into SDL_Init

    this will let your app crash normally.. but you'll have better luck finding the error sometimes

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    aren't there sposed to be experts here?
    why do i have to do this the hard way when theres dozens of stuck up experts here that know the answer
    can someone please investigate this?
    someone else please?
    It seems like you want someone else to do all the debugging for you. Well, first off that's extremely hard to do without any code... and most of us don't know enough ASM to disassemble your project and debug at that level.

    So what is it you expect of us? Wave a magic wand and make your program all better? How about the symptoms? It doesn't work on others computers... it seg faults, freezes and parachutes when there's a file missing.

    Lets try and weed out one at a time, and to start us off-- the code.

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    I wouldn't waste your time with this considering that this thread is nearly 5 months old.

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    no big problems, just an annoying thing where the music won't stop playing when I die or quit.
    Just Google It. √

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