Thread: what is good for gaphics in dos

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    what is good for gaphics in dos

    Hi folks well i was curious ..i wanted to use a good graphic tool...i want to creat a interface like rhide IDE or borlands C IDE...

    I read about allegro ..its good thou i dont know where to start from ....

    This code below is for people who wanna learn how to print color text
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <conio.h>
    int main()
       textcolor (LIGHTBLUE);
        printf ("Datainjector in Blue");
         return 0;
    for background color use textbackground(RED);[IMG]A new key is good, but a used one is better - unknow[/IMG]
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    first off you shouldn't use dos, because win2k and winxp users can't run your programs.

    yeah allegro is good for people who are still learning and want to make basic (with little emphasis on basic) 2d games. the 3d and gui routines aren't that great, though. which is why it's good for basic 2d games. however, you always can get other libraries and use the gui/3d routines in that.

    and to start learning allegro you can go to for starters.

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    your colour text code will only work on borland compiler and thats it, it will not work with any other compiler.
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