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    hi there
    can anyone tell me how to change in fullscreen (DOS4/GW) mode?
    some of the programs i've downloaded open in the windows
    console and after a few seconds change into the fullscreen mode...
    but how? can anyone please tell me how to do this, thanks!
    Originally posted by marsface
    Screen 13, also known as Mode 13 is (was) used by
    demo programmers. This mode supplies 320x200x8 resolution.
    You can also access the video-mem directly.
    Which gives the programmer the freedom do to with
    the screen what he wants :-)
    well, i actually like to make demos before i start with some simple
    game programming (nothing really spectacular *g*). or it is better
    first do do some simple game programming before making demos?
    (that's exactly what i wanna do)

    or is it better to start showing some tiles on the screen and
    having a small pixel-guy running around on this screen?
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    Um, this works for me in Dos, but it may not for you. It just sends to the computer that the keyboard pressed Alt+Enter (to maximize to full screen). Hope that helps.
    -Kyoto Oshiro

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