Thread: OpenGL, texturing...and...more OpenGL

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    OpenGL, texturing...and...more OpenGL

    Greetings, fellas! How are you doing? A few days ago I posted a thread asking for some help on where to learn OpenGL. And someone-can't remember who now- replyed and posted a link to a very nice site. Anwy. I submerged myself in OpenGL the last week and have really LOVED it. It's a really nice programming env.
    However, in my last program I tried to load a texture. So, the program workd, and it can load a texture, but, instead of having the texture how it really looks, its faded and it's turned very blue-ish. I mean, you can see the patterns and all, but it's like converted to blue. And, yes, I am using some form of Mip maps.

    If you can help, please do...I am facing a little dilemma here

    Thank you.

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    are the colors inverted?

    post the code you call glTexImage2D() with. we'll start there...
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    If you use glcolour and a texture you will get this effect, try setting the object colour to 1.0f,1.0f,1.0f that should fix your problem.
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