Thread: Why Directx ?

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    Why Directx ?

    Why do people program in directx when opengl is so much easier to use ? What do you think ?

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    there could be many reasons... other than the original reason the old companies use Direct-X, which i really don't wanna get into. new companies might have these reasons. Direct-X api's, Boss, Contracts, the Pixel Shader, built in AVI playback ect, or its what the people who start the company know. and one other possibility, no vendor specific extensions(which many find a hassle)...

    these are all legitimate reasons, and all but three(boss, contract, what the people know) will start to be eliminated in the next 6 months. OpenGL 2.0 and with OpenML comming in the next year, we will have a full OS/HW independant toolset.

    so thats two more reasons im sticking with GL all the way. there are many other reasons to use GL, i won't go into them though.
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    Why do people program in directx when opengl is so much easier to use ? What do you think ?
    IMO, GL isn't easier than D3D. The API itself is easy in both cases, what makes things difficult is the 3D game programming ( making 3D stuff with the API, cause this involves 3D game/graphics programming knowledge )

    One good point is D3DX, which is a helper library that comes with DX. And it handles all the math ( vector, matrix, plane, quaternion, ...etc ) which makes newbies' lives much easier. It also handles some model generation, collision detection and model loading.

    Direct3D is object oriented, which is - to me - a million times better than the glSomething() convention used by GL ( which is good by the way, but I just like objects more ).

    I assume you meant Direct3D when you said DirectX, because DirectInput/Audio/Play/Whatever is not related to GL.
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    I use both, because OpenGL is easy to learn for me, but DirectX is what a lot of the companies are using. Like WoW (World of Warcraft) is made with DirectX, StarCraft was made with DirectX, but Doom III is being made with OpenGL. To me, they both have pro's and con's. This also depends on the person. Some like Micro$oft, some don't.

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