Thread: DX8 <> DX8.1 SDK Speed loss

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    DX8 <> DX8.1 SDK Speed loss

    When I installed the DX8.1 SDK, (i was using the 8.0 sdk before) I lost 150 FPS! Both versions are debug, not retail.

    Any ideas? No code was changed.
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    In researching the archive, I have found an excerpt from index 341921 that may be of used to you:

    "...imperical testing has shown that DX8.1 is slower than DX8.0, and is considerably slower than DX7.0. This is because of additions necessary to support new, sophisticated drawing modes. Deceleration is further compounded by the inability of the Microsoft programmers to utilize assembly language in the drawing engine...".

    The index becomes vague at this point, referring to scandal and justice department issues of the time.

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    Try the retail version. Maybe the debug version of DX8.1 does more debugging work than 8.
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