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    everytime I try to make an allegro game run in 24 bit color it always crashes. So to get true color I have to use 32 bit, which is as slow as .......... on my computer, since my vid card is so crappy.

    I haven't tried your game yet, but I'll download it when I get time (probably after I mow the lawn tonight)

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    I tried to download it and all that happened when I clicked the link was 10 ads came up. Every time I close an ad, it came back up again. And then it kept asking me to change my homepage.

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    holy crap i hate that site. every once in a while it does that to people. the file is too big to upload at another site i have, and plus that site doesn't offer enough bandwidth. if any of you have any suggestions for a web service to use then that would be great. should i use geocites or angelfie?

    well, i really hope the rest of you are able to download the game and don't wind up with a ton of stupid ads. sorry about that.

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    the only problem I have with tripod is the off-site linking, but I've never had any problem with it. It supports frontpage, CGI support, built in counter (just go to account settings), and has like a gigabyte of bandwidth I think.

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    Alright I changed the hosting for the game to angelfire and it appears to work very well. No more stupid pop-ups!

    again refer to my sig or click here

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    i checked out yoru game and well... i can't beat the second lvl lol
    one more thing you could have done is have an up and down looking person, instead of only right and left
    thats all for now and i was wondering what happend to the new game which you posted the story line on this board, are you working on it or did u just give up?
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