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    Hy. I'm fairly new in game developement and I wanted to ask you guys, what compiler and IDE should I use while trying to make a game. I would be nice if you tell me the locations where I can download these IDE's & compliers... Thanks

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    Read this post:

    It is about an IDE I am making that comes with a compiler and allegro all set up, ready to make games.

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    MS Visual Studio is a very nice compiler and IDE, if you have the cash to shell out.
    Dev-C++ is a popular free IDE that uses MinGW as the compiler. There is a beta version (ver 5) that looks very good so far but still has many bugs. I'd suggest using version 4 until a full release of version 5.
    Borland also gives away a command line version of their compiler which can be integrated with many IDEs.
    There are other compilers as well but I'd stick to one of those three. Any of these will work with the popular graphics libraries that you'll be making games with.
    I'd like to suggest Simple DirectMedia Layer for making games.

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