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    Graphics in C

    How can I use graphics in C?? I use Dev-c++ and also have Borland C++ Compiler 5.5, which is full of header files. What libs or headers should I have to use graphics??
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    I assume that you want to use graphics in Windows. You can use OpenGL or DirectX.
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    What you need to look into is a graphics library. These generally are not included with a compiler. Dev-C++ uses the MinGW compiler and has the OpenGL header files needed for development.
    You could also look into Simple DirecMedia Layer (SDL for short) It is a fairly simple straight forward multimedia library that you can use (graphics, sound, input, networking etc). Alternatively, if you're only developing for Windows, you could look into DirectX, which is also a multimedia library. OpenGL is only a graphics library so you'll want to look into another library for input and sound, etc.
    I would recommend checking out SDL. It's much friendlier than DirectX and uses OpenGL for it's 3D graphics stuff (which many people will argue is better than the DirectGraphics component).
    Allegro is also popular here but I've never used it.

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    As I have mentioned twice before, I am working on a IDE that comes with a compiler setup and ready to make games with Allegro. I will post something on this thread when it is done.

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