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    Text Rpg Of Courseee

    Text RPG. It would be my first game, and due to I need clues about the structure of the code and so on.

    Come on you gamemasters!!! Help a bloody jabby newbie like me!!! XD
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    okay well the structure for an rpg game?

    menu choices - do/while statments
    story line - string paragraph1, paragraph 2, etc.

    i dunno u need to get a book. everyone get a book.
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    not really i did my rpg without the book. the internet has everything i need
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    not really i did my rpg without the book. the internet has everything i need
    I agree, and if the internet doesn't have what i need, we'll other's will have what they need some day due to me
    I'm interested, what has been you best resource so far?
    Mine has been for their 'c' programming tutorial and their forum's, this site get's what the other site's leave out IMO, and of course the tutorial's and forum's here although i'm learning 'c' now.
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    Do everything as arrays of structures, add some additional functions if necessery and refer them as function pointers in structures. It's not very complicated, but you have to know c quite well for that.

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    there really isn't a way that it is traditionally done that is better than another way. just experiment, and figure out what to do on your own. thats what i did when i made my RPG.

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    The main peculiarity of rpg games is that there is a lot of data, so what is necessary there is a typical data processing. The most common is to use databases and sql for that, but as there are not *so* much data, then it's simpler to use arrays. Otherwise it's a typical data processing task, it's like a relational database, you search for "very nasty monster", find it's properties, in what rooms it lives, what else is in these rooms etc. A bit more ãomplicated c features are necessary for that, but this is a very necessary evil, doing it very "simply" is not simple at all because the program would be big, difficult to read and difficult to test.

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