Thread: Case statments with long strings... is it possible?

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    Case statments with long strings... is it possible?

    I am currently attemting to make a case statement that switch a char[100] and my compiler doesnt like it... is there another form of a case statment that accepts long strings?

    P.S. If there isnt ont tell me becuase i can convert to If statments... but that makes the code look ugly, and ugly is bad :-)

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    How are you doing this? Are you using strcmp() ?

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    no i am not using strcmp() i am using switch... I am nearly positive this should only be used for integers or single characters, but I wanted my code to look pretty and run smoothly :-)

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    I think a switch statement will only work with constant values, but isn't a string a constant value? Wait, you can not use a non constant variable, so I guess it wouldn't work.

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    If it's somewhat speed critical use a hash table otherwise the easiest way is to have a bunch of if statements.

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