Thread: Allegro Problems!!

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    Allegro Problems!!

    When compiling ANY example that allegro for Dev-C++ has the linker shows hundreds of errors because it doesnt find a lots of functions used in the example. Why is that??

    The examples are in c:\Dev-C++\Examples\Allegro and the include files are in c:\Dev-C++\include, is that the problem??

    Also, when compiling the examples Dev-C++ has they dont work because of the same bloody linker problem.
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    For some reason Dev-C++ does not like to save project options, so start dev-c++ create a new allegro project, click project on the menu then options. And copy all the compiler and linker options to your other dev-c++ project.

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    Did u link with the lib file(s)?

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    Those options I was talking about include linking it with the lib.

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