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    Switching from Windows to Fullscreen

    In my dx8 engine, im trying to switch between windowed and fullscreen mode by resetting the device. The code base for the windowed<>fullscreen is from the directx8 sdk, but it wont work! Any other ideas? The switching must be made with the device resetting.
    Oh, when I clal ToggleFullscreen, the device stops rendering. (Im not using the DXTimer MS uses.)

    Please help, this is very important!!

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    are you reinitializing the renderer when you recreate the window?
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    When you switch between full-screen and windowed mode, you simply do through a call to IDirect3DDevice8::Reset() supplying - typically - the presentation parameters used in creating the device in the 1st time, only with the Windowed flag changed ( unless one or more of the display mode properties aren't supported in the other operation mode [ fullscreen - windowed] )

    When you do reset the device, you have to take care of your resources. If you have any D3DPOOL_DEFAULT resources, make sure you release them BEFORE you reset the device, and then restore them AFTER you reset the device.

    About the "The device stops rendering" :
    What was the device rendering in the 1st place, and how does it look after it stopped rendering ( i.e. is the screen cleared with the color you specified or not ).

    Finally, make sure you add error checking to your rendering code. Errors happen often, believe me. We're humans , and that means perfect code is rarely written in the 1st time.

    DirectX provides robust error detection & handling functions & macros, use them wisely.

    The debug run-time is your friend, and the Debugger is evev a closer friend. Enable the former & max the Direct3D warning setting ( from the control panel applet ) , and run your sample in the debugger and Direct3D will tell you why your rendering fails in a very sweet detailed error message.
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