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    DirectX tutorials

    I am looking for a directX tutorial that uses C. I have searched online using google and can only find C++ tutorials and not C. Does anyone have any links to such tutorials.


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    DirectX is OO and COM based. If you want to use it, I recommend using a C++ compiler at least. Trying to write DX code in C can be a pain as you have to dereference the virtual pointer table yourself.

    Stick to C++ if you can (IMHO).

    The only information i've seen on this is in a book that i bought (i can't remember which one might have been Andre's "Tricks of The Windows Game Programming Gurus" but i'm not sure.

    good luck!
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    cant u do non OO stuff with DX

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    Originally posted by pode
    cant u do non OO stuff with DX
    DirectX uses COM interfaces ( similar to C++ classes ), that means whatever you want to do with DirectX you do it through calling a method of the object you created.

    C programmers have to use a function pointer form a function table in order to call methods, which is a bad way to do things.

    Microsoft provides a solution - which is also bad by the way - using macros :

    If in C++ you call the method IDirect3D::CreateDevice( parameters go here ), then in C you'd call the macro IDirect3D_CreateDevice( Pointer to an IDirect3D object, parameters go here )

    As you can see, an additional pointer is needed when calling the macro, as the macro uses the function table in that object to do the call.

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