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    hi my name is duane and i am very interested in becoming a game developer and am just starting to learn c++ i was wondering if anyone here could tell me what order parts of a game need to be made (i.e coding,graphix) etc
    also wat other skills i will need and who would be an essential part of a game developing team

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    well... first get a good grasp of c++. You cannot just start out making vid games. I suggest making some simple programs first.

    I made a calculator... then I made a tictac toe using just normal letters and characters. And you keep progressing.

    Graphics will not be a part of your programming ventures i would say at least for a couple of months from now
    What is C++?

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    On top of what Vicious said:

    You are going to have to spend some considerable time learning C++ first...probably at least 1-3 months.

    You are also going to need to be patient. If you aren't patient you will get so frustrated with certain things. So stay calm no matter what the situation is; well at least try to.

    Practice and experience will carry you a long way. The more you practice the better off you are. Creating simple games like ttt will help you out a lot when you finally decide to create a 'large' game.

    Try to learn from others. What I mean by this is try other people's games. Try games that are made by people who are on about the same level as you. When you play them try to visualize how they coded that part of the game.

    Be creative in your programming. Try to create original things in your games.

    About what needs to be done in the game:

    Once you learn enough about programming you will finally start to see a clearer picture.

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