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    working with a team

    hi ,

    just thought i would venture onto this message board and see how the other half live (away from the safe enviroment of the c++ messageboard).

    At the moment i am a million miles away from creating a game of any substance but i like to see if i can pick anything up from you guys in preperation for the future .

    I get the idea that to create a decent game you need a team of developers one person programming , one person graphics another sound etc. and i have seen loads of people posting messages saying hey everybody lets make a game together .

    My question is does this ever work out .
    Is it possible to meet someone over the internet and providing you know your arse from your elbow to be able to finish a decent game. Or do you need closer contact where say you meet together face to face and go over ideas now and then.

    I would be very interested to here peoples views

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    Ive never had anything good from online groups, waste of time.

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    I personaly think face - face would be the better choice. First you can work out details of EVERYTHING. Not just who is going to do graphics, code, etc.... but you can get to know the person as a friend and not just an email or IM. Humans have always wanted contact with eachother, it is natrual to see a person face - face. I have a freind that lives 5 blocks from me and we exchange ideas over the net and then we meet and actualy talk about it. If i had to deal with someone over the net and that was all......i dont think that i could trust them as a friend. I would be cautious about sharing my ideas with them for fear of them selling out.

    But this is all my personal opinion..
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