Thread: Remake of nintendo Archon.

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    Remake of nintendo Archon.

    I never really made anything in c or c++. I've done BASIC, but nothing special there. I am just about complete with the Archon remake. It is pretty good in my opinion. It was written with the Allegro library. I have a few problems though. I don't believe that it is very optimised. I have a P3 550 and it runs at 50 fps (good)on 16bit color. I tried it on my friends machine, a p2 300, and it ran at 25 fps, which isn't good with the game. I am also afraid of when I upgrade my cpu soon, it will run at 100+ (bad) fps. The game's code is based on how many fps it is getting. I don't know if I'm ready to rip the code apart to make it run on time and not frames after 2 months of building it. The input is pretty poorly written too (i think).

    Main points:
    Will anyone at least look at it to see if they could do any of the following...
    *make animation and input time-based.
    *limit the FPS (would have to do the above first)
    *optimize input code
    *use SDL instead of ALLEGRO, if it would help.
    Contact me if you are interested at even looking at the code.
    Your name would be entered in the credits for doing any one of these things.

    A problem I am also having is art. I am no artist. Most of the images are just giant letters standing for what they are.
    The game is fun though.

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    Where about in New Jersey? I lived a good bit there. Why don't you just attach the prog?

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    I'd rather just give it out individually, like if someone emails me, I'll send it to them.

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    Perhaps just add a global variable for time.. And store the ticks in it. or rater a difference of ticks. Before each game loop, just do an if statement to make sure so much time has passed in order to do any calculations. 2 milliseconds is what you would want for 50 fps. if its only been 1 millisecond, then make it pause for 1 millisecond then continue.

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    Here is a code snippet that will stay the same for different processor speed:

    #include <iostream>
    #include <ctime>
    using namespace std;
    int main(){
              float secs = 1; //1 second delay
              clock_t delay = secs*CLOCKS_PER_SEC;
              clock_t start = clock();
              while(clock() - start <delay);
    Hope this was of some help.

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    I haven't tried it yet, but I have it saved on my hard drive. I'm going to upgrade my computer- motherboard, cpu, graphics card, and tower. After that, I'll try it. Thanx

    Also, after I finish with the upgrade, I won't be able to play it right, so that'll give me some motivation, maybe I'll redo the whole program's structure. Before I do, it'd help to know if SDL would be faster than ALLEGRO.

    An artist would still be of great help, 24 frames per character, 8 characters per side, plus 4 elemental characters, 3 different arena's, and a few small things like health bars, rocks, and chess board tiles.

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