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    Help, Running of message loop.

    Ok, this is what I am trying to do, I am trying to make it so that every time you press the left mouse button of your mouse, the litttle space ship will fire something.........This is somewhat what I have.........

    This is how the message loop is organized......

    	//message pump
    		//look for a message
    			//there is a message
    			//check that we arent quitting
    			if(msg.message==WM_QUIT) break;
    			//translate message
    			//dispatch message
    		//run main game loop
    	//clean up program data
    	//return the wparam from the WM_QUIT message
    So obviously we will be going through the message pump every time until the window's killed.......I have this on winproc.

    return (0);


    This would call Fire which is a function outside of the Program loop and everthing. Well my problem is that when I press the mouse it goes to fire and then it stays there, it doesn't go back to the Prog_Loop or so it seems nothing it's updated......How can I make it so that I can press the mouse and then keep on going with the message loop any idea?
    I know I am doing something seriously wrong, thanks in advance.
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    you haven't really given enough information. Can we at least see the contents of the Fire() function?

    It's probably better if post a link to your code so we can see the whole thing in action. If you windows program isn't behaving as it should, the problem could really be anywhere in your code!

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    Why'd you put return (0) after Fire()??

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