Thread: how do you draw images?

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    how do you draw images?

    i was just wondering how you draw the images that are in games?do you actualy draw it on paper then scan it, or use a program to do it? then how do you make it flip and turn?say i want to start programming a checkers game, where do i actualy get the checker from? or what program can i use to make a perfect looking checker? can i use a camcorder to film it, them save to a file and then program into the game, or is it done another way?

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    Well in 2D games you typically have sprites. Sprites are nothing more than a simple bitmap image of something. Just use any paint program (one included with windows for example) and draw out whatever you want. Save this as a bmp and there you have a sprite! To flip and turn you can simply draw another frame of the sprite but flipped. Therefore you have to check which one to draw in your program. You can use some video cards' hardware to do flipping and rotating but it is rarely supported, you would have to ask if it is supported first, and if not code it yourself, not terribly difficult. If you want some effects you may want to get an expensive drawing suite. I just use MS Paint cause I do "programmer art"! Any other questions just shoot.


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