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    controlling game speed

    Im making a snake game and i need some help figuring out how to control the snake speed, and make it the same speed on all machines. i want the snake to move a couple times every second, or something like that, but i need a function to measure time less than 1 second. i think i could then test the time twice, subtract them, and see if the diff is a certain amount and if it is move the snake. does this sound about right. thanks for the help

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    yup.. sounds right.

    have a look at time(), GetTime(), timeGetTime(), or functions similar to that. if you're using windows you could even set a time to go off every half second to update the snake position.. there are quite a few ways of doing this.

    hope that helps!
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    i tried time(), and it will only return whole seconds, it looks like gettime() does the same, only w/ hour min, sec, and i couldn't find any info on timegettime()
    can some help me out some more?

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    timeGetTime() returns the number of milliseconds (as a DWORD)since Windows started. You need to include <mmsystem.h> and link to winmm.lib. Here's an example:

    DWORD StartTime=0, EndTime=0;
    //in your loop
       //do stuff
       StartTime=EndTime; //reset start time variable

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    What header is timeGetTime() in? I'm pretty sure it's time.h, right?

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    It's in the windows multimedia headers. You'll also need to link to the multimedia library. Following code will do both..

    #include <windows.h>

    #pragma comment( lib, "winmm.lib" )

    EDIT: Alternatively, if you don't want to use the pre-processor directive, you can link to the winmm.lib under project settings.
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