Thread: how create RayCasting?

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    how create RayCasting?

    how create RayCasting?
    i have seen some videos, but without success
    so i ask: and someone told me that use 1 pixel, or the square size it's the same.. so i did these function:
    void DrawRays(){
        //getting the player map position:
        int MapX = floor(PlayerPosX / 32);
        int MapY = floor(PlayerPosY / 32)
        //getting the player position for the destination line:
        double DestinationX = PlayerPosX;
        double DestinationY = PlayerPosY;
        //testing if i'm on previous hit wall:
        while (LevelMap0[MapY-1][MapX-1] != 1)
            //if don't hit the wall,
            //add the 1 for Map position combined with palyer radians:
            MapX += cos(PlayerRadians);
            MapY += sin(PlayerRadians);
            //then we add the square size, by player radians, on destination line:
            DestinationX += cos(PlayerRadians)*32;
            DestinationY += sin(PlayerRadians)*32;
        DrawLine(PlayerPosX, PlayerPosY, DestinationX, DestinationY, RGB(0, 255, 0));
    - if i change the player radians, the program seems freeze
    - if i move, i can get the same line size

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    Hi, can you post a picture showing an example of this working (or not working). I don't quite understand what's happening. Also is LevelMap0[x][y] just a two dimensional array? This might be easier with a picture or a bit more explanation, thanks

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