Thread: Seek modern graphics library for C

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    Seek modern graphics library for C

    Hello I'm new to the group and this is my first post.

    My recent C programming experience has primarily been with Power C for the Commodore 64 (K&R Style), Microsoft Quick C 2.5 and Open Watcom for MS-DOS. I have never programmed in C++ but I have made IOS Apps using Objective-C and Xcode a number of years back with the aid of Cocos2D.

    I'm interested in developing on modern Windows and possibly Linux. I downloaded Code::Blocks with MinGW 64 bit and have that all setup. My problem at this point is where do I go from here to be able to display Menus, draw primitives, print using fonts and utilize sound. I'm not writing games, so speed isn't critical, ease of use is preferable.

    I attempted to get Allegro 5.2 working with GCC-6.3.0-1 but all I get is an undefined reference error which probably means the same thing as an unresolved external if I'm guessing correctly. I don't think my Allegro library download is probably the correct version for my MinGW package. I also noticed that the Allegro library's last release was March 7th, 2021 which seems a bit old to me. Maybe they aren't keeping it updated much these days and I need a new direction to try.

    Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Well it might be an idea to say
    - which allegro you installed Allegro - Download - Latest version
    - what the actual error message(s) were
    - what your example test code looks like
    - what you typed to compile and link the code.
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